beautiful day to tear apart a plane

Had a interesting two days of flying and turning wrench’s. Every year my C170 needs to make it’s annual trip to the aircraft doctor in Rutland. Being a member of AARP (Asos. for the Advancement of Really old Planes) my 57 year-old bird looks foreword to this event. She gets taken apart, thoroughly inspected and lubricated, cleaned up and put back together. This year we found no major issues. We replaced a loose lead on the generator, repaired a broken engine baffle bracket. There was some cussing while replacing the rudder peddle floorboards, and the rear bulkhead, by yours truly. Other then that complaining, Dr. Scott and his PA’s did another wonderful job.

On the flight down to Rutland, I was over Bethel at 4500 feet. The wind was howling out of northwest. I could see Killington ahead of me. Within 5 minutes, seemingly out of nowhere, there was a wall of snow in front of me. I did a 180 degree turn, and performed a circling climb to 8500′. Saw that I would not be able to climb over the snow, so I went around it. I headed for stratton mountian, before I could turn back toward Rutland. By the time I started my decent into Rutland, there was no snow to be seen anywhere….Cool!


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