Thanksgiving Thoughts on Thankful Things

There are so many things to be thankful for:

Two thoughtful, intelligent, totally cool boys;
A beautiful piece of this amazing planet we all inhabit. To be a caretaker, for a short time, of a farm that gives us a delicious variety of  vegetables, ample quantities of hay, sweet jugs of maple syrup, and many feet of lumber that help build structures and products that add the builders vision to the areas landscape;                                    
The opportunity to see the earth from around and above the clouds, and to be in control of these fantastic flying machines, that allow me to  soar;
This farm and airfield attracts interesting people and ideas, that continue to bring me and my family inspiration, fellowship and energy.
For all of this I am truly thankful.


5 responses to “Thanksgiving Thoughts on Thankful Things

  1. Will,
    What beautiful photos! Great message (of thanks) too.
    Hope that you and the boys had a terrific Thanksgiving.
    Alison Leigh

  2. I’m super thankful for farmers like Will that keep our lands open and productive!
    I’m also very thankful every chance I get to taste Will’s home baked treats, when does blueberry pie season begin again?

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