Farmer Father, City Son

I am thinking about sharing some comics that Wyatt,  or I have drawn. What do you think?

The Cabot Chronicle is a local monthly newspaper (check it out on the web: ). In the December issue, Wyatt will have the first addition of his comic series, “Farmer Father, City Son”.

You all saw it here first.


3 responses to “Farmer Father, City Son

  1. Thanks for the ‘shout out’ Will. We are following your blog and want to hear more about these $100 hamburger trips… Have you ordered your nice Chronicle Wreath yet? Be in touch…

  2. My kids would identify with this!
    Really great art work.
    There is a guy down here on the farm who just graduated from a Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Jct.

    • CCS is where Wyatt has wanted to attend College. He is only 12, and visited the school when he was 9 for an open house, He has not even considered another choice! Yes we did get blown around a good deal!

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