Comic Installment…

My youngest son Wyatt and I started drawing comics together about four years ago. Wyatt wanted to share his imaginative stories, visually, with others. I wanted to keep a daily journal of farm life. Although I do not draw as much as I used to, Wyatt is still going strong! Here is his most recent  installment of “Farmer Father, City Son”from the January issue of the Cabot Chronicle.

Last winter I sat in on one of Wyatt’s comic drawing club class at Montpelier’s Kellogg Hubbard Library . They were making these little comic books, made from a single sheet of paper folded into eight pages. On each of these pages they were encouraged to tell a story of their choosing. I decided to make one on the Vermont seasons. The seasons I chose were; Sugaring, Mud, Spring, Summer, Tourist, Deer, and Winter. Each season had a picture and a story. The summer picture panel was compressed between two vise-like clamps. The winter panel had a picture of a Vermonter holding a shovel and thinking of Florida.

Will's comic class drawing

These wonderful classes  are held during the winter months on friday afternoons. They were run by Ben Matchstick (, with help from Pete Talbot (Check out Pete’s blog at The energy the kids have centered around drawing cartoons is contagious. I wish I took more time to put images to paper. Wyatt keeps at his drawing with both the classes and signing up to do a regular, monthly, comic in the Cabot Chronicle.

I love being able to show off  Wyatt’s work. I am a proud father seeing his delight in talking to people about his comics and drawing, and just a little jealous of his time, his imagination and his commitment to his art. He’s hard at work on the next edition of Farmer Father, City Son-If you’re in  Cabot be sure to look for it in the paper!



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