Wyatt’s Comic Update

Wyatt keeps telling me, “Dad, you know that these comics are not about you and me, right?”

I reply, “What part? You mean my expertise at all forms of gaming? Or my insightful  forms of communication?”

“No Dad, I don’t want people to think that all I do is play video games! I just want to make people smile.”

The comics here are the 3rd (Feb) and the 4th (march) that have been published in The Cabot Chronicle www.cabotchronicle.org . If you enjoy these comics, and feel inclined, let the Chronicle know inbox@cabotchronicle.org. Cabot Chronicle is a great publication that regularly publishes local news for the residents of the Cabot area.

Last week I got great pictures of updating my forest management plan and the week before that pictures from restoring an old airplane. I’m working on posts about both of those things and they should be up soon!


One response to “Wyatt’s Comic Update

  1. Cartooning must be in the air – Local Banquet has their own farm-relevant cartoon newly posted and a separate article that references this blog! (www.localbanquet.com – check out Plant, Weed, Blog and Spring Cartoon – Localvore Picnic).

    And yes, this is a self promoting comment because I wrote the article about farmer blogs. But I didn’t do the cartoon.

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