Sugaring In Deep Snow

March 7th Vermont had the largest March snowstorm on record. I talked to a friend last night who had 35 inches in Cambridge; here in Cabot we had about 20 inches. Murphy’s law visited Cabot early; rumor has it that one of Cabot’s town trucks was sitting on its side in a ditch, another was down for repairs, leaving only one town truck operable with the snow blowing hard across roads all day, and as a result our road was never plowed throughout the storm.

Comic from the Agriview

Murphy’s law also visited Under Orion Farm, rendering the snow blower unusable while the mud and the slush under the snow made my army truck with the plow unusable, so I had to use just the loader on the tractor to plow out driveways. Once we got cleaned up from the storm (one and a half days later) it was back to tapping in the sugar woods and once again I was sinking deep into the snow on snowshoes. Sugaring in deep snow is the plan for the week – except today when I might be sugaring in the rain. The comics in this post are archive comics of struggling in the snow during sugaring. 


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