Danger: Working Farm Ahead

I’ve always thought it would be a fun idea to have folks who visit me walk through and take pictures of all the quirky things found at Under Orion Farm – I love to see visitors explore and discover something new when they stop by. Now that I have a blog, seems like a good time to try it out. So, I’m starting off with my friend Helen. 

I first arrived at Under Orion Farm to help out with an event to promote rollover protection systems on tractors. My friend Matt Myers was putting it on for his job at UVM Extension with the Rebates for Roll Bars program and Will was the farmer host! I got tricked into helping set up by being told that we were going to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon taking in the beautiful view from Under Orion’s top field, drinking beer, and eating cookies. Turns out there was also jeep retrofitting, lumber sawing, and siding to hammer into place before all the promised laziness could happen. But Will does make an awfully good peanut butter chocolate chip cookie so it was all worth the wait.

Farm safety is an important issue. Farmers are 8-times more likely to die while working than other jobs – and tractor rollovers are the leading cause of death for farmers, particularly in the hilly fields of the northeast. Trust me when I say I had tractor safety in mind this summer while helping ted hay for the first time. And I try really hard not to add up all the farmer / logger / pilot risks in Will’s chosen careers.

Since I started hanging out here for a safety program, it makes sense that one of the first things I noticed was that the “Warning – Danger” pictures on farm equipment are far more creative and graphic than what I’m used to seeing. These aren’t your average “Caution Wet Floor” signs. So here is a sampling of farm equipment danger warnings. I snapped these pictures the other day while waiting for Will to come out to feed the Angus their daily weed treats:


4 responses to “Danger: Working Farm Ahead

  1. Very Awesome, Helen!!! Love the pics. By the way, you forgot to mention the Vermont Rebates for Roll Bars Program where farmers can get 70% of a roll bar/seat belt kit by calling 1-877-767-7748!
    Can get a copy of those pics? Maybe I should come and do the next tour at Under Orion Farm!
    Matt Myers

  2. The Rebates for Roll Bars should have been linked from the first sentence – link has been fixed and it’s there now. Thanks for catching that.

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