Broken Wing….

On August 10th, the flying farmer is going to be grounded for some mechanical repairs and equipment updates at Central Vermont Medical Center.

I’ve been nursing a sore shoulder since January, the result of some over exuberant skiing on the beautiful Beaver Brook Farm Trails in Marshfield (I don’t regret the skiing!). Then, in June, an in-flight failure of a fourteen foot 2×6 as we were stacking wood in my lumberyard caught the same shoulder’s supraspinatus tendon in just the perfect spot to sever a portion of it. My mechanic, Dr. Aros (who my nurse sister assures me is tops), is not sure it can be mended, but is going to “get in there for a better look”. And while they are messing about looking at the tendon they are going to attach the biceps muscle back in place with a screw and unhook my collerbone so they can remove some arthritis in my acromiom (AC) joint.

All this sounds kind of more than routine  maintenance, but aside from the tendon, I guess that is what it is, routine. The whole surgery will only take about three hours, not much longer than an oil and filter change in the C170!

I will be out of commission for about four weeks and not able to lift things for four months. The plus side of being grounded is that I’ll be forced to staff the farmhouse and available to sell my maple syrup, hay and beef to anyone who wants to stop by. I’ll also be doing a lot of studying up for finally getting my aviation mechanic’s license.

For friends and family interested in helping out, I’ve put a list of projects up on Facebook. I’ll also be putting the junior airmen/farmers in charge while their father is functioning on half horsepower. Any assistance we could get over the next few months would be a great help to Wesley and Wyatt, and a relief to me.





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