Family Reunion Scavenger Hunt, Part 1

This morning after dropping Wyatt off at Shakespeare Camp,  I was walking up to the hangar from the sugarhouse thinking about the mama bear and two cubs that my next door neighbor had warned me she’d seen twice in her yard. She was worried about my sheep, but Zoey (the drafthorse) keeps a good eye on those sheep and wouldn’t let any bears hurt them. On the other hand, I was thinking, what would I do if I came between the mother and her cubs? How fast could I run to the cabin? The questions were particularly relevant since I had a camera in my pocket and would have loved to capture a picture of those bears.

It didn’t take more than a few seconds to throw away the idea of bear portraits. Instead, my eye began wandering looking for other things to take pictures of. My family is descending tomorrow for a family reunion so I was seeing the farm through their eyes as much as my own. I was also thinking of another family gathering I went to this summer – a wedding for Jesssica Labun (now Placy). I’m friends with her sister, Helen, and was signed up to play photographer. I think the most interesting photographs were of an epic, seven and a half hour treasure hunt the day before the wedding that took guests all over the town where Jessica and Helen grew up. You can see some of my pictures, with captions from Helen, here.

That treasure hunt gave me a chance to really explore, see, and learn about Newbury, VT. . .much more than I ever would have just driving through for a visit. What a great way to explore someone’s town or home. It occurred to me that I could do the same thing, using photographs, for my family when they came to visit – giving them a scavenger hunt challenge to find some of the unusual items I’ve photographed here on the farm.

So, this is the first of two photo posts. This first one is an overview of the things I’m working on, and that I find interesting, as I prepare for family this week and shoulder surgery next week. Tomorrow I will post the scavenger hunt pictures I take for the reunion.

Leah love to ride on the front rack of the John Deere Gator while we are tooling around to different chores. Here we have just finished up feeding the cows.

Dancin' Carrot folks, (Shane and Christy) are building a new high tunnel next to the old green house.

New peeps!

Fresh Gooseberries. We have made pancakes with them so far.

Loading the manure spreader

Morning cobwebs

Dancin' Carrots next generation farmers.

Red currents


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