Farmer Father City Son…..the latest

As I begin the slow recovery from shoulder surgery (and become a close friend to Mr. Recliner), Wyatt has had another comic published. My normal typing speed would make a turtle feel like an olympic sprinter, but now I’m even slower with only a left hand and a pain killer befuddled brain. So, I will let Wyatt share a few words with you.



Hello fellow bloggers! While my dad is in, uh… let’s say physical custody, I have been thinking, what if I made a  one panel comic about how to make comics! So other people can make comics too (but DO NOT make a farmer father city son comic that would be not cool!).

News flash!! [corny news cast music] upcoming comic! One word,”MESSY.” Second word, “HOUSE”. Don’t worry, I will go back to the braces thing, this is just a side trip. later. Y@    









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