Good Help & Guest Bloggers

I am so blessed to be surrounded by a wonderful community and a great group of friends.

A week before my shoulder surgery I put out a request on the Cabot list serv to borrow a recliner for sleeping during recovery. Within hours I was swamped with calls and e-mails of folks offering up recliners to lend or to give away. Some even offering to deliver. Wow!

Last Wednesday the Celleys and the Hales watched Wes & Wyatt while their Dad went under the scalpel.  My neighbors Richard and Nate fixed a broken water line half way up to the spring so we could get running water again on Friday. Shane and the Carpenters helped get my cows up to the Pitkin Farm for breeding that same morning. All while I slept.

This past Sunday friends and neighbors showed up in the rain to help Wes and Wyatt split and stack firewood. Others have made food, offered driving services, and have stopped by to check in on our welfare. My family even helped stack hay and fork out the winter’s bed-pack in the barn as part of our Reunion at the farm.

Thank you. You are all truly “good medicine”. And according to my doctor, the shoulder should make a full recovery.

Now, some additional help in the form of a guest blogger. My long time friend and neighbor Rollin S. Tebbetts is sharing a few of his photographs. They are remarkable but he doesn’t want me to use that word, so please don’t tell him. Enjoy!

Hermit Thrush Vermont State Bird

Red-bellied Woodpecker

Honey Bee, taken an hour after being released from the hive

Upland Sandpiper Becoming uncommon in New England.

Peregrine Falcon Fastest animal on Earth.

Mountain Bluebird I found in December 2010...only the third documented Mountain Bluebird found in CT.

Prairie Warbler

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Hummingbird Moth A first for me.

Me departing the Number One Bird.


9 responses to “Good Help & Guest Bloggers

  1. I am so glad your recovery is going so well and that you have water again. These pictures are great. I love the last one!

  2. Bbeautiful, tell your friend I said beautiful. Shoulders can be so annoying so pivotal ,if you will excuse the pun, take good care. I hope you are feeling better I am enjoying reading your pages.. c

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