Flying Friends

Warren in a paraglider

This weekend I am off to a Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC) in Hartford CT, something I must do every two years. The attendee instructors are immersed in new or updated Federal Aviation Regulations, teaching techniques, aviation safety, weather, airspace and more for the weekend. When I am done I will be a re-certified Flight Instructor

1953 C170 and 1946 BC12D (for anyone who is wondering)

This has been a good week for flying. My shoulder has recovered enough to safely reach all the pertinent aircraft controls. I tested it out solo last monday and I am strong enough to fly again. I gave my first revenue flight to come in from a social media/website presence.  I used my website for Catamount Aviation’s Cremains scattering services as a reference for a customer on the phone and saved time on future calls and mailings. I’m beginning to work flying again. And at the same time  my new marketing tools, like this blog, are also starting to work. If thoughts of flying get you inspired you can find out more about Catamount Aviation scenic flights online at .

andy with his Aeronca on skis


Even though I get a lot of satisfaction when my marketing brings me a customer – the unexpected arrivals and friendly visits I get to my airstrip are maybe the best part of being in this community (of Cabot and of pilots). Here are some pictures that give a nod to the pilots and visitors who fly-in, walk, hunt, practice driving (car, motorbike, tractor, army truck, bicycle), and just hang out at the airfield. We have hosted weddings, dances, many parties, ROPS events, camp outs, and (though my son Wesley thinks it is an oxymoron) “work parties“. I love the visits and the energy these gatherings have produced. Come join us!

Denise and her dad, and Leah


Phil, fueling up his T-craft

Nate with his super fast C180 (I like the fenders, keeps the cow manure off the bottom side of the wings)

A homebuilt Kitfox

VT Army National Gaurd


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