1st of a 3-part Farmer Father/City Son Comic

I love the Farmer Father / City Son comics my son Wyatt writes each month for the Cabot Chronicle. Folks often ask me “where does he get his comic ideas”.  . . .  I’m getting those questions more often now that Wyatt has started the story line about having a crush on his dental hygienist. “Is there really a dental hygienist that he likes”?

I have to answer that I really have no idea. He has ideas running through his mind all the time. He sometimes will write a whole page full of images in just a few minutes, then will take me through each panel speaking the dialogue complete with sound effects before he starts the process of putting together the final comic (see this old post on how the final comics come together).

I’m working on another holiday food post. . . this time about our family’s egg nog recipe that comes out every winter. Look for it next week.”

And now here is the latest from Wyatt….

Hey, Wyatt here. my next three comics are in a series, so they will say stuff like “to be continued”, and “to be concluded”. I also want you guys to help me on an idea that has been taking form in my mind for a while. What do you think about the son or the Dad

getting into real bad trouble? Well, see you later.




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