Holiday greetings

As the 2011 year winds to an end, I want to extend best wishes to all our readers.

Thank you for taking a few minutes each week to share in the happenings of Under Orion Farm, Catamount Aviation, and our family. Thanks also to the support you have given us throughout the year.

Here are a few images that did not make it into this past year’s blog posts….

Shane and Christy ( Dancing Carrot Farm) built a second greenhouse (high tunnel) next to the first one. They are experimenting with growing kale throughout the winter months. So far so good.

I hosted and co-presented (with Paul Cate) a workshop on lumber harvesting for Yestermorrow, a "Design/Build School in Warren,Vermont "

Freshly shorn wool

Wool clippers

Sugaring help

cold help

We had fire wood .

We fed the firewood help well

We did take time to go to the fair

future farmers

The good life!

Thanks for reading these posts. Happy new year!

We have good help!


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