Squirrels, Birds, and Snowdrops…Images from a Guest Blogger

Wood Frog

In my continuing and occasional “guest blogger” series, Rollin Tebbett’s shares some of his spring photos.

Red Winged Blackbird

Rollin grew up on a “Century” dairy farm, meaning it has been farmed by the same family for more then 100 years. The Tebbett’s Farm sits high on a hill and adjoins Under Orion Farm to the northwest. After attending college, Rollin worked in airport operations at Burlington International Airport, and is now operations manager at Bradley International Airport in Connecticut.

Black squirrel


snow drops

Rollin’s passion is all things “bird”….whether photographing them, banding them, participating in official bird counts, or of course just watching them.


Many thanks to Rollin Tebbetts for sharing his wonderful photos.

Rollin, photographer extraordinaire

For more signs of spring, stop by the farm! The maple syrup is canned and ready for sale; Shane and Christy of Dancing Carrot Farm are getting the greenhouses in shape for spring planting; we are in the midst of replenishing  our stock of dimensional lumber and boards and Leah (our dog) is waiting to do wildlife tours around the farm.


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