Spreading, Cleaning and Building

Spring is here, with all of its wonder and craziness, forcing me to continually switch gears and my focus. There is always a new project waiting, so I never do one thing long enough to get tired of it…

…but this is why I like farming!

Will spreading manure on the fields. Photo by Rollin Tebbetts

Weather has been perfect for spreading manure, so our neighbor Maple Lane Farm, delivered 100 yards of manure. In spite of some equipment malfunction, we got it spread over the course of an afternoon. Now we just need some rain.

The next project, now that sugaring is over, was to get the sap lines in the sugarwoods washed out.

tapped maple tree

In previous years we would shoot high pressure water and air up through the lines. This used a lot of water, was time consuming and got you very wet. We tried a new method this year, working with two neighboring sugar makers (the Carpenters and the Talberts), that promised to save time and water. We turned on the sap puller to create a vacuum in the saplines, then pulled each tap from the tree and sucked a small amount of a hydrogen peroxide/water solution into each tap. sterilizing the tap and drop-line.

A drawing I made after sap-line cleaning

Our ongoing project, is finishing up the firewood cutting at the edge of a rented hayfield and cutting trees back to the stonewall. Not only will this provide us with firewood for next year’s sugaring, it will also will give us a couple more passes around the 17 acre hayfield and add more sunlight in for drying the hay.

Dancin' Carrot Farm

Harper and Mekiah of Dancin' Carrot Farm

Our most exciting project though is being in the planning stages for a new farmstand!  for Dancin’ Carrot’s veggies, and Under Orion’s maple syrup and beef. Anyone out there seen a design they really like? Let us know!


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