For Sale: Hay, Lumber and Syrup

As we plan the new farmstand, fix fencing, clean up the logs, pick rocks out of the fields and do the countless other chores we have on the farm, I thought I’d take minute to shamelessly plug our products!

As a diversified organic farm, we have hay, beef, syrup, lumber and custom sawmill services to offer you here in Cabot, Vermont.

Although my organic, grass fed beef is sold out for the year, we are increasing our stock to meet the demand, so stay tuned for more information.

Lumber and Logs:

dimensional lumber and pine boards at Under Orion Farm

dimensional lumber

Now is the time to order your lumber for those summer and fall projects! Not sure where to start? Contact me! I am always happy to help you with your questions.

hemlock logs

I have yellow birch, ash and hemlock logs available for custom lumber orders and, as always, a nice collection of spruce and fir dimensional lumber as well as pine boards. Contact me for more information or visit my lumber page at Under Orion Farm’s website.

under orion farm - round hay bales

round hay bales in the field


I still have 25 round hay bales left. Triple wrapped, first cut and certified organic, the bales are $35 each.

liquid gold

Maple Syrup:

I use organic, sustainable practices when making my syrup and have plenty of flavorful grade C, grade B and some grade A amber left. Come by the farm to pick it up or I am happy to package and ship to your destination of choice.

  • Gallon – $45
  • Half gallon – $30
  • Quart – $20
  • Pint – $10
  • Half pint – $7
  • Bulk prices upon request

Contact me, Will Ameden of Under Orion Farm and Catamount Aviation at or call me at #802-563-2351


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