Flowerpot, Torque Wrench, and Timing….(more skill set improvement)

Under Orion Farm is still in crazy spring mode, so not much time for tapping out a blog post. Did spend a couple days working on the airplane though. Here are some images of what I was working on….

Known as a “flower pot”, a device used for timing an engine.

The directions for use of the Model E-25 Timing Indicator “Flower-Pot”.

We ended up using a different engine-timing method

My scribbled notes on the use of the “Time- Rite”

My toolbox, with removed spark plugs, and Time-Rite instructions

Time-Rite instructions

Love my Armstrong tools!

Time-Rite piston indicator.

Torque wrench, used here for tightening up the spark plugs to an exact “torque”

Ray and the timing indicator

Thanks to Ray for his patient and careful instruction to a jury-rigged prone farmer


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