Ginger Drink

Taking a short break from the heat and the hay, here in Cabot, waiting for the rowen to grow.

My friend Susan Alexander is using the commercial kitchen at the Vermont Food Venture Center to produce and bottle switchel, a traditional New England drink served to hot and thirsty farmers during hay season. My grandparents always called it ginger drink, which we sweetened with our own maple syrup and just like my Grammy, I only mix it up for the very hottest of days.

Ready to drink!

The Ameden Family Ginger Drink

Mix together, add ice and water to make 1/2 gallon. Adjust vinegar, maple syrup and ginger to taste.

Tastes best with Under Orion Farm Maple Syrup

So, don’t forget to enjoy the summer days and a cold drink with your friends and family.

“Ginger Drink”, “Switchel”,”Hay Tonic”


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