And the farm stand is open!

With help from friends and family, the shed is built and the Under Orion Farm stand is open!

Dancin’ Carrot Farm has their veggies in the stand – tomatoes, squash, kale and more. I have my pastured beef and syrup for sale too. We also have Amish peaches, Vermont corn, fresh baked scones and cookies as well as farm-direct coffee from Canopy Coffee for sale.

We are open most days or until we are sold out. Contact me if you have questions!


One response to “And the farm stand is open!

  1. Will, good luck with the stand. Wish I was there to buy from it! Love the syrup. What a differnce from the store bought stuff.. now all you need is 2 adorable, goofy girls from California to run it for you! Will send them back for room and board next summer!!! Thanks for taking such good care of them and showing them what real work is like!. Denise ( catrinas mom)

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