Grass Fed Beef for Sale – 2013 Prices

Our Black Angus cattle are grass fed throughout their lives and pastured on acres of organically certified green grass during the warmer months, right here on our farm.

You can order via email or phone, cash, check or PayPal. Pick up on the farm or limited delivery for a fee.

See below for 2013 cuts and prices or download our price list. Bulk orders available!


Ground Beef (lean and flavorful)


Stew Beef



Round and Chuck Roasts (best for pot roasts or stew):


  • Eye of Round
  • Top Round
  • Bottom Round
  • Chuck Eye, Boneless Roast
  • Chuck Shoulder

Premium Roasts:

  • Rib Roasts, Standing (for prime rib,roast beef) $7.50
  • Tenderloin Roasts $12.50

Premium Steaks (priced according to cut):

  • Porterhouse     $7.00/lb
  • Tenderloin       $12.50/lb
  • T-Bone         $7.00/lb
  • Sirloin       $7.00/lb

Miscellaneous Cuts (priced according to cut):

  • Short Ribs-$5.50/lb
  • Oxtail – $3.00/lb
  • Tongue – $3.00/lb
  • Heart – $3.00/lb
  • Soup Bones – $3.00/lb

Contact me for ordering:

Call 802-563-2351 or email via the form below


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