From Panama to Vermont: A Canopy Coffee Update


As many of you know, I love coffee.

I drink it black.

I drink it with maple whipped cream.

I love it iced in the summer.

I love it piping hot out of my grandfather’s thermos while working in the woods in winter.

I love it with Creme de Cacao, and Kahlua liqueur, and I love the smell of it first thing in the morning.

When the opportunity arose to be able to sell Canopy Coffee at  our farm store, I was thrilled! Now, not only could I drink my favorite coffee anytime, I could also share it with friends.

Issac and Melissa  Jacobs started and own Canopy Coffee. They are a terrific Craftsbury family, and have a a business model that I admire. Following is an update that Melissa just sent out:

Isaac, Iris and I went down to Panama in January to visit friends, farmers and pick up this year’s batch of coffee. We met with the farmers that produced last year’s coffee and made plans for next year to meet some new farmers that are also searching for a better market for their shade grown, high elevation coffee that they currently sell for low prices to domestic markets.
Lito was our guide in Santa Clara near the Costa Rican border. He had incredible energy and hope for the future even as he told us about the disease, la Roya, that wiped out many of his plants. Three of the farmers that sold us coffee last year had such a small harvest because of this fungal disease that they had none to sell. As a farmer group, however, they have learned some techniques to invigorate there farms for the future. We left 900# at the canal port and it arrived in Craftsbury last Friday!
Exciting news state side….we are now roasting our coffee with Black Cap Coffee in Stowe, which will actually become Brave Coffee of Waterbury in the next couple months. There business model is very much in line with ours at Canopy Coffee and we hope that roasting will eventually lead to a direct farmer-roaster relationship that may open up more opportunities and sales potential for the producers we work with. We will keep you updated.
As for the near future and the roasts that you receive, we would love to get feedback on flavor and consistency of the roasts. Let us know your thoughts!
Melissa Jacobs
contact Melissa here!

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