The World Series in 5 Minutes, 50 Seconds


It’s funny how things can just fall into place.

Yesterday started like many others…but it was building to something special.

Boy’s were up early, in good moods, and  ready for school (wow). The sea-salted chocolate chip cookies came out of the oven, perfectly browned. My visit to Hardwick Chiropractic left me relaxed and aligned. A quick visit with Elena at the CAE, for a hello and a frozen beef pick-up. Coffee and cookie snack with Linda and Diane at the Galaxy Bookshop, then off to work at the farm.

We are erecting another large high-tunnel this fall.  John is sawing lumber for the end-walls on my mill, and I was doing tractor work. I shut down my tractor just after noon to meet with John. Checking on my “chiropractor visit silenced cell phone” I see 8 texts and 6 phone messages. Many of the texts say “CALL WDEV…RED SOX”! So I call WDEV and ask about being in a drawing. There was some confusion, I said I was calling about a drawing for Red Sox tickets. They asked me if I had entered, and I replied that I had last spring. They said I should be all set for the drawing. I thanked them, and hung up. I called Elena, who had left 3 messages. Elena’s  co-worker Tracy answered and said “Call WDEV right now, you won World Series tickets!”

I love our local radio station WDEV. What I appreciate even more, are my friends and community who were all trying to get in touch with me to call the station. Sue up the road called twice! Nate drove down to find me. Another of Elena’s co-workers, Monty, was listening, called Elena, who after failing to reach me, called the station and told them I was in the field, could she claim the tickets for me?…No dice!  Anson left me the many text messages. Then on the home phone I had a message from Shawn calling with an aviation question, and “by the way, if you are the same Will Ameden, that they are calling for on the radio, you 5 minutes and 50 seconds to call them for tickets”. And a call from Norma, excitingly informing me of the same thing.

I have also had emails and fb messages. One from Frank which I will share …

“Turned on WDEV this noon just in time to hear you win the world series tickets.  Suprising!  Eat lunch in my truck and listen to Kenley and company each day for a little  comic relief.  Hope you enjoy the game. Many the night milking was serenaded by Kurt Gowdy broadcasting  Red Sox games…Dad was a grudging Sox fan!
Now discovered how to contact you will send a shout now and then”.
Yes sometimes things just seem to fall in place. I am going to the World Series! Thanks to ALL in this great community, and to WDEV. Wyatt will be getting to skip 2 days of school to go with me. Wesley…thanks for holding down the fort! Send warm thoughts to the crowd and hot bats to the Sox!

6 responses to “The World Series in 5 Minutes, 50 Seconds

  1. So happy to read you and Wyatt were at a game that your Sox won in stunning fashion. 8 to 1 is on heck of a game to watch!! Not surprised to read you had people trying to reach you before the time ran out. I heard from Elizabeth how special everyone is and saw it first hand on my 2 visits out there this summer. The tickets couldn’t have gone to a nicer guy!!! Joan

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