Wyatt’s Gaming Computer


Wyatt, Wesley and I headed to Hollis, NH for Febuary school break. Our goal for this vacation was to to spend time with my brother and family, and to build a computer!

While flying is my passion, Wyatt is a gamer.

Gaming is what he likes to do in his free time and what he likes to research. Over the years he has had Game Boys, Game Boy Advances, Play Station 4s, Xbox, and many more. While sometimes our collective eyes cloud over when he is describing the latest Batman Arkham Knight, or showing us the latest blow by blow of his favorite gaming reviewer, I do admire and love his passion.

So, a couple of months back, I was intrigued when he floated the idea of building a gaming computer with the help of his Uncle Jeremy. He has been saving up his dollars for the last 6 months, and after a little bit of waffling on whether or not to buy a lap-top gamer, he bit the bullet and called his Uncle to order the parts!

Jeremy's Studio/workshop

Jeremy’s Studio/workshop

When we arrived, Uncle Jeremy had all the parts laid out on a work table in his music studio, Aunt Kristen had the kitchen table set with custom ordered sandwiches (via cell phone conference on our trip in)  and cousin Nicholas entertained us with a very cool and fast remote control car. This was much better then ANY hotel we could stayed in anywhere on our vacation!

Jeremy and Wyatt get started

Jeremy and Wyatt get started

Building got underway in earnest in the afternoon. Under Jeremy’s watchful and patient hand, Wyatt was learning all about solid state drives,  memory chips, power supplies and mother boards. I loved the puzzle of how to neatly fit everything together while Wesley spent the afternoon messing around with Nick, playing Xbox, and finishing up homework. We were all having a blast.

Wyatt working on the mother board

Wyatt working on the mother board


"The Cube"

“The Cube”

We played games and worked late into the night. In the morning I found Wyatt not in his bed, but sacked out on a mattress in the studio next to his new computer, still downloading updates.

Twinkies help keep Jeremy on task

Twinkies help keep Jeremy on task

Hard at work?

Hard at work?

We spent the next day working on computers, shopping at Trader Joe’s (my first trip), and  picking up supply’s at the local Asian market for DownStreet Eats, and of course playing with Nick.

Wyatt wanted to customize the look of the “Cube” which we did when we returned to the farm.

Done and ready for dad to decorate!

Done and ready for dad to decorate!


Just a few photos of the custom paint job

Just a few photos of the custom paint job

This was a great learning experience for Wyatt and I, and a rewarding time for all us spending a couple days with the New Hampshire crew. Great trip, and way too short!

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