Under Orion Farm

During the winter months, the constellation Orion is a strong and comforting presence in the night sky here in Cabot and naming our farm after this mythological figure was an obvious choice.

Under Orion Farm is located in Cabot, Vermont, not far off of Route 215. These 250 acres have been in agriculture for centuries. Today they include pasture for grazing cattle, hay fields, organic vegetable production, sugar woods, 140 forested acres, a sawmill, and a flying strip on the top field.

Under Orion Farm focuses on sustainable farming practices. The beef cattle keep pastures clear and put fertility back into the soil. New buildings are made from wood we’ve harvested from our managed forests. Scrap timber turns into fuel for the maple syrup evaporator each spring. Our hay is certified organic. We use minimal plowing and plan to increase our work with draft horses for an even lighter impact on the soil. The goal is to keep this centuries old farm productive for the next hundred years!

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2 responses to “Under Orion Farm

  1. love it! congratulations on combining farming and flying so seemingly beautifully. Wyatt’s cartoon strip is very clever, hope he sticks with the art path. best to you – Mary Munat

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