Maple Syrup


Taste the tradition from Under Orion Farm!

Our sugar house

Our sugar house

Our Vermont sugarhouse sits more than a half mile from the nearest road in the small town of Cabot.  Our sap is single-source and comes solely from our 100 acre sugar maple forest, which has been producing what we think is Vermont’s finest small-batch syrup for the last 50 years.

Committed to the sustainable management of our land we tap no more 1000 trees each year, using the same traditional methods our family has practiced for generations.  The wood-fired arch, long-boil production, and natural wool-felt syrup filtration ensures the genuine Vermont maple flavor and authentic ‘terroir’ that our friends and neighbors have come to expect of syrup from Under Orion Farm.

Vermont’s maple industry is changing as machines and pumps, filtering agents and high-volume presses have altered the speed at which maple syrup can be produced and sold.  We think it has also changed the taste and quality…and not for the better.

Here at Under Orion Farm, we like to keep our authentic maple syrup slow and local, consistent and high-quality, traditional and tasty.  You have found the best.

Taste the tradition from Under Orion Farm!

Maple Syrup Prices

Handcrafted and wood fired maple syrup

  • Gallon – $45
  • Half gallon – $25
  • Quart – $15
  • Pint – $10
  • Half pint – $7
  • Gift jar – $20

Bulk prices upon request

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