Flight Services

Over his 20 years of commercial flying, Will Ameden has provided a variety of specialized flight services. His experience includes:

  • Radio telemetry tracking of Barred Owls, Bicknell’s Thrush, and Black Bears
  • Environmental Air Force flights for surveying conserved land
  • Farm Service Agency aerial mapping
  • Upper Valley Search and Rescue search for missing Lear Jet
  • Civil Air Patrol mission pilot and check pilot
  • Photography flights for Associated Press, WCAX and independent journalists
  • Film studio flights for “Nosey Parker”, “Killer Flood”, Town of Tinmouth historic film
  • Hospice flights
  • Contract work for State of Vermont Dept of Fish & Wildlife and Forest & Parks (habitat, wildlife, & insect surveys)

If you are interested in contracting for flight services from Catamount Aviation:
call (802) 563-2351 or e-mail Will.